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Interhotel Sandanski 4 **** is located in the central part of Sandanski, next to the city park with lots of greenery. The hotel is the biggest mineral spa and wellness center in Bulgaria.
Four-star hotel has 181 standard rooms, 82 deluxe double rooms, 8 suites, 11 standard suites and 3 suites. All rooms have balconies overlooking the park or the town, telephone, cable television, radio, refrigerator, air conditioning and wireless internet. There are rooms with special flooring for asthmatics and people with allergies, smoking rooms and rooms adapted for disabled people.

There is a restaurant with 320 seats and another one in traditional Bulgarian style with 120 seats, fish restaurant with 80 seats, night club, piano bar, a Vienna cafe, bar, pool bar and a conference room with 80-220 seats.
The SPA & Wellnessc enter in the hotel has numerous modern equipment cabinets for Balneo, SPA & Wellness procedures performed by highly qualified personnel with a lot of experience. There are 2 Olympic size swimming pools with mineral water with constant temperature of 33 ? C - External Bassett (12,5 m x 6.5 m) and indoor swimming pool (12,5 m x 12,5 m.) , gymnasium, fitness room, playground of petang, and tennis courts.


Sandanski is chosen as the best SPA destination in Bulgaria for year 2009. Located in Southwestern Bulgaria, about 20 km from the border with Greece. The city is known since ancient times for its healing climate and mineral springs. Sandanski has a population of 35'000 people, situated in tiers on the slopes of the Pirin Mountain and has an average annual temperature of 14.5 degrees with small range between day and night amplitudes.
Natural and climatic conditions of the area, combined with an extremely rich historical heritage, architectural monuments, green parks, mineral waters makes Sandanski one of the most famous spa resorts in Europe for treating bronchial asthma and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The fresh mountain air is rich in oxygen and negative ions with low relative humidity of 66%. The area of Sandanski has over 80 minaral springs with water temperatures of 40 to 80 degrees with low salinity and rich chemical composition suitable for drinking and outdoor spa treatments.
20 km away from Sandanski, at the border with Greece, is the largest casino in Bulgaria, where is held annual Republican and Bulgarian-Greek poker tournaments. For those wishing to visit the casino can be provided transportation upon request.


Blagoevgrad is the largest city in Southwestern Bulgaria with a population of about 100'000 inhabitants. Located at the foot of the largest mountain in Bulgaria - Rila Mountains. Historical data on its existence back goes back to 3000 BC. There are preserved neighborhood with unique Bulgarian Renaissance houses, where is located the historical museum.
Blagoevgrad is a major university and educational center. Here are the American University in Bulgaria and Southwestern University.


Melnik was declared a world cultural, historical and natural heritage of UNESCO. It is located about 25 km from Sandanski. Melnik is the smallest city in Bulgaria with a population of 250 inhabitants.
The city is famous for its old houses and architecture, history, stunning scenery, unique sand and rock formations known as the pyramids of Melnik and exceptional quality wine. Winston Churchill himself ordered 5000 liters per year from the famous Melnik wine. The wine is home made by each family and stored in deep underground galleries dug in antiquity under the sandy Melnik pyramids.
Here is the biggest revival house on the Balkan Peninsula, which was built in 1754 and has the largest underground wine cellar in the area. City Museum is located in a house built in 1815. About 10 km from Melnik is situated Rozhen Monastery.


Rila Monastery was founded in the 10th century. It is located in the Rila Mountains at 1150 m altitude and is the most popular tourist destination. It is the biggest among all monasteries in Bulgaria. It can be reached by a picturesque road high in the mountain surrounded by cliffs and slopes.
During Ottoman rule the monastery was the guardian of Bulgarian literature. It was repeatedly burned down and then reconstructed by the monks. There are extremely rich frescos and icons. Rila Monastery is one of the places in Bulgaria, foreigners must see and experience.


Rozhen monastery is situated about 10 km from Melnik. It is one of the few medieval monasteries in Bulgaria preserved intact until today. Built in 890 AD and repeatedly burned and rebuilt.
The monastery has an irregular hexagonal shape with a beautiful courtyard in the middle of which is located church. The monastery is famous for its murals, stained glass and carvings. It is miraculous icon of Our Lady, to be kept in a special ark in the chapel of the monastery. According to legend, the icon is one of the few copies of the holy icon of iron, owned by a widow Nikea.
Feast of the monastery of 08.09 on that date and celebrate all the people of the region.


Rupite is located about 20 km from Sandanski. This famous area is wrapped in a halo of mysticism and energy charge. This is the place where Bulgarian prophetess Vanga had chosen as her home in order to draw energy and strength.
In 1992, Vanga built a temple "Sveta Petka", which became a pilgrimage site for thousands of Bulgarians and foreigners. There are remains of an ancient city of Petra, founded in the 14th century BC. The area is a place for walking, relaxing and filling with positive energy.


Alea Hotel 4 **** is located in Skala Prinou, 15 km. from the capital of Thassos, Limenas. The hotel was built in 2010, 800 meters from the city center and is located on the sandy beach. Alea Hotel is a modern and elegant complex of one-and two-storey buildings with a capacity of 225 beds. Tourists can be accommodated in 104 tastefully furnished rooms and studios have a bath / shower, hair dryer, LCD SAT TV, telephone, safe, refrigerator and balconies.
The complex has a fitness center, indoor pool with separate Jacuzzi, three outdoor pools and a modern SPA center. Guests can diversify with aerobics, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis court with artificial lighting all day and evening animation shows.


Thassos island is known for its beautiful landscape, crystal clear waters and preserved Greek traditions. The island is surrounded by green of cypresses, pines, evergreen shrubs, olives, pomegranates and figs. On the island of Thassos are ancient shrines of Artemis and Dionysus, the Temple of Athena, ancient theater and the Cave of the Dragon.
The population of the island of Thassos is 16'000 people, a round tour is 90 km long. Because of its proximity to land and rich natural vegetation is a preferred destination for tourism and recreation for thousands of tourists.


Kavala is the most beautiful city in northern Greece and is the second largest city after Thessaloniki with a population of about 65'000 inhabitants. It originated around 7th century BC. Kavala is the second most important port in northern Greece after Thessaloniki. Situated on a hillside amphitheater on the beach.
On top of the hill is the old fortress, around which is the old town with narrow streets that are with beautiful views of the bay and the Aegean Sea island of Thassos.
Kavala is located in an ancient Roman aqueduct, built in 1500. The Aqueduct had supplied the city with water and is preserved until today.

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